How to Build A Profitable Forex Home Business

This course are for those people that want to create a business that they can be run from home that supplies enough income - and more - to live from.

In this Forex training course we will teach you how to create at least 6 different income streams from the Forex industry. We show you how to select the right one for you according to your expereince and skills. This Forex training course will approach the Forex industry from a entrepreneural and business perspective, using business principles to buld a home run busines with a sustaining income.


Course Details:

Prerequisite:   Have time to spend on building a business and/or have 6 months experience as a Forex Trader.
Level                 Beginner to Intermediate
Duration:         2 Days
Cost:                R6,400 (through EFT) or $478 (through PayPal / Credit card)

No of attendees:
Minimum      3

Maximum     10

Forex Training Course

Available Course Forex Trading Course Bundle Discount:

Bundle A:
Cost of 2 Day Forex Trading Course ( 2 days)
+ Winning Strategies & Systems (1 day)
= R9.050 ($670) - Discount of R800

- Courses must be booked within a maximum period of 2 months from each other.
- First course will be billed at full price and discounts applied to the subsequent course(s).

N.B. Our guarantee of success or money back only applies if at least the courses in bundle "A" is attended.

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Course Content:

This is an unique and proprietary course that is not offered in this format anywhere else in the world.

In this course we will teach you:

- How to approach building a business based on the Forex industry using a pure business approach

- How to select the right business according to your skills and experience

- How to create a Business Plan

- How to create an Operational Plan and do Performance Management

- Five (5) different Forex busineses that can be created to generate recurring income streams

- Tips and other guiding principles for making this venture a success

- Etc.

(We do not disclose the full agenda on the Internet in order to protect our intellectual property).

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