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After long experience with Forex trading and teaching people how to be successful in their trading we came to the conclusion that the best and most profitable way of trading is a combination of human skills and intelligence and using a Robot (Expert Advisor - EA) which works automatically and e.g. will open the trade when all the rules are in place and put the correct Stop Loss and Take Profit automatically.

This approach has several advantages – but the 4 most important ones are:

  1. It saves up to 80% on screen time. No need to sit and watch price movement for hours on end until the right conditions for opening a trade appears. The Robot/EA will do this for you.

  2. Since the Robot has inbuilt into it the rules for when to open a trade it cannot make mistakes and has no emptions that will affect the correct opening (or closing) of a trade.

  3. The Robot can also do trade management for you and can for example move your Stop Loss to breakeven on certain conditions, close the trade when the trend changes, etc.

  4. A Robot can also scan many charts for trading opportunities and the alert you when these opportunities appear. So, no need to work through all your charts to find possible trades – the Robot can do it for you.

Here is an example of some of the parameters of one of our Robots/EA’s:





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