Forex Training Course Guarantee

Guaranteed Success

Many may frown upon any organization that offers a guarantee of success in this very risky business of Foreign Currency Trading. Normally we would be in the first row of those who would criticize this claim as exaggerated and ridiculous with the objective to relieve innocent victims of their money. Just think, the popular statistics say that 80-90% of people who start trading Forex trading lose their money and end up unsuccessful, leaving the scene with their tails between their legs and licking their wounds. Statistics from Brokers paint a more positive, but still bleak, picture by saying that only 25-40% of their accounts are profitable.

There is truth in these statistics and they should be taken seriously and warn every hopeful and starry-eyed new Forex trader that believes that he/she will be the exception. There are great obstacles and challenges in the path before one can reach that goal. If you are going to approach Forex Trading as the normal person does with no experience of the potholes and traps that lay ahead, and with no mentoring of how to avoid those obstacles, your hopes will have a 60-90% chance of being dashed. It is often said that just like the cost in study, money and time to become a medical doctor, an engineer, etc. it takes a similar, if not bigger cost ,to become a successful Forex trader. That is to say if you go the normal route, of course - but there is a better way than learning through hard and expensive experience over many years of struggle. It will be our task to initiate you into this shorter and less painful, less costly path.

Now that I hopefully have got your attention, or maybe have you thinking twice if you should continue your quest, let me give the other side of the story and at the same time explain how we can offer a guarantee in these circumstances.

Without painting the picture too rosy, it is true that there are thousands of succesful Forex Traders in the world with many of them becoming multi-millionaires through their Forex trading efforts. For example both Larry Williams and Sheldon Knight proved that one can turn a deposit of $50,000 into more than a $1million in less than a year. In fact Larry Williams did it twice. The first time he started with only $10,000! There is really no limit or boundary to how much you can earn. Nobody can deny that to be a successful Forex Trader has extremely attractive benefits other than making a lot of money - mainly around the opportunity to work from home and spend more time with your family and hobbies. Forex traders are often only occupied with trading for a couple of hours at most during the day (except perhaps if you are a Scalper ) and have lots of time to spend with other passions and interests during the day. Their trading finances their interests and passions, travels, holidays, expensive toys, etc. Most Forex traders love to trrade and are somewhat addicted to it, although in the end it can become mechanical and routine.

It should be obvious that we will not offer a gurantee if there is little chance that you will become successful. No, the formula to success in Forex Trading has been proven and is available to you. But there will be a learning curve and there may be some failures on the way, but in the end if you apply our concepts, teaching, mentoring and persist we guarantee you success - and that in a GREATLY reduced timeframe and cost.. Here are the rules and conditions of the Guarantee that we offer:

  • The Guarantee is valid for a period of 6 months dated from the day the student completed the Winning Strategies & Systems course
  • To claim a refund the student must bring evidence that he/she has implemented the lessons and principles taught in the above mentioned course and traded the systems that they have been taught correctly.
  • The student must have implemented the system and principles given at our courses for at least a full three months.
  • Results should be based on the H1 time frame that we teach at the course



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