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Forex Training Courses:

This is just an overview of our courses. If you require more info on a particular course you can click on the course and it will take you the a more detailed page about that particular course.

The Metatrader 4 Platform ( online course)

This course is meant for absolute beginners that have not done any demo or live trading in Forex and is taught over the Internet in an online classroom session.

It teaches the platform or software that is used as an interface to the broker through which all trading transactions take place. I displays the currency pair price charts from which we trade, as well as indicators, chart objects, trading results, etc. We use this platform to analyse our trades and then open and close transactions. No actual trading principles are taught. This is taught in the other courses.

2 month Online CLASSROOM Course


3 month In Person and Online CLASSROOM Course

This course is offered by our senior lecturer with nearly 20 years of trading experience of which the last 12 years is full-time. It is offered like an in-class course with live presentation over Zoom and students can interact with the lecturer through audio and/or chat.

All classes are recorded so that the students can review the lesson as many times as he/she requires. There are homework and tests to ensure that the students do not fall behind and have a good understanding of the lesson material.

Five general approaches to training are taught as well as 2 detailed systems with proven profitability with their respective Expert Advisors.
This course have a high success rate and many of our students now trade full-time.

Online Forex Courses

We have several online courses that are students who want to have a thorough and detailed Forex course (which include some proven profitable systems) but cannot attend our classroom classes.

These courses are offered through a Learning Management System that includes videos, assignments, tests, etc.

This online course is unique and opens up new frontiers in online training


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