Online Forex Trading Training Courses

Because of the shortcomings of day training classes and in order to support our mission of creating the highest percentage of successful traders, we took the bold step of moving towards 3 month's courses where we would have ample time for theory as well as PRACTICAL TRADING. The results so far have been absolutely amazing!

Since we get so many students that want to attend the 3 months courses but cannot attend the classroom training that takes place in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, we have decided to create an ONLINE course based on the same principles and course material that drive the 3 months courses. In addition to the online training material (mostly made up of text, charts and videos) we also offer regular on demand ONLINE CLASSROOMS (example below) run by a lecturer as well as ONLINE TRADING SESSIONS under supervision of a professional Forex trader for students doing our flagship trading systems.

Available ONLINE Forex Courses: (Click on a course to get more details as well as the costs involved - Links will be working on or before 12 November 2018 when the courses are launched. If you are interested in getting more details please e-mail [email protected])

1. Comprehensice Online Forex Training Course for Beginners(Requires MT4)

  • This course contains all the principles, rules, trading approaches and information required for successfiul Forex trading. Completing this course is essential for taking our Flagship Trading System courses.
  • (Click on the link to see the full agenda of the course)
  • 2. Flagship Trading Systems Course(Requires Beginners Course - see above)

  • This course teaches 3 full blown flagship trading systems that are spelled out in all detail with checklists, expert advisors (robots), custom indicators, etc. (These systems normally come with a guarantee of profitability when traded according to the rules that we teach. Click on link for details)
  • 3. Complete Forex Trading Course(Requires MT4)

  • This course combines the Comprehensive Forex Course for Beginners with the Flagship Trading Systems Course. It has everything that the trader will ever need to become a profitable forex trader.
  • If taken together there is a discount available.
  • Want to have a peek at what our courses look like?

    N.B. Here is a link to a short extract of one of the courses.

  • Example of a fun online classroom session (a +- 9 min snippet taken from from a 4 hour long session):